How it works

Adding services to your phone system

Everything you add to the Sonetel Phone System such as an add-on features or connections to the old telephone network is handled as Services.

All Services currently assigned to your Phone System can be viewed at the
Admin Services page in the Sonetel Client.

Get services from Sonetel

Sonetel offers a number of Services that you can choose to subscribe to at

These include:

  1. Support. Provides you with technical support by telephone and email.
  2. Outbound calls. For international calls and local calls.
  3. Phone numbers for inbound calls. Phone numbers in +50 countries are available, and can be ordered for your company.
  4. IVR, Welcome menu, Auto attendant etc.

Create your own services

You can add your own services for inbound and outbound calls to the Sonetel Phone System. This is done with a simple wizard.

You can connect the Phone System to any Phone Company of your choice worldwide, as long as that Phone Company supports SIP. Get the connection details from your phone company, and run the wizard in the Sonetel Client.